By Josh Wand <> and Ben Sykes <>
Current Version: v0.6 (2001 Jul 17)

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IMLog is a program to automatically log all your IMs to a specified directory. It is released under the GNU GPL.

NEW! 21 Jun 2001: We have changed our name to IMLog, at the request of AOL Time Warner, who owns the registered trademark "AIM." We will change the changes in the CVS and binaries shortly.

8 May 2001: IMLog is looking for a C++ developer to help us resolve the scrolling bug. Must have experience in cross-process subclassing. Email the developers.

Want to see what features will be in future versions? Check out the TODO @ SourceForge.




0.6 (2001 Jul 17)
--Changed Names and Icons throughout program to comply with AOL/Time Warner
0.5 (2000 Sep 25)
--Added Log Viewing through Tree Type menu system
--Added Delete Capability (Right click on log or log directory through menu to delete)
--Fixed problem with Direct Connection, text now recognized and logged
--Fixed Misc bugs

0.4 (2000 Sep 26)
--Added 'Ignore' option.

0.3 (2000 Sep 10)
--Minimize to tray/Start minimized
--Option to create a directory for each buddy

0.2 (2000 Aug 15)
--Logging now works flawlessly
--Handles timestamps
--Many bugfixes

0.1a (2000 Aug 9)
Maintenance release:
--added installer
--fixed Runtime Error 76: Path not found bug
--fixed comctl32.ocx dependency for win2k (added file to installer)

0.1 (2000 Aug 6)
Initial Release.
Remember: This is BETA software (barely even that...), so not everything will work perfectly. Some things may not even work at all. Please be patient, report bugs as you find them, and check back often for updated versions. If you don't feel comfortable running BETA software, DON'T DOWNLOAD IMLog.

You will need the VB6 Runtimes on your system to run IMLog.


IMLog v0.6

Source Code v0.6